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Don Hinkelman Picture of Don Hinkelman

Essay autograding, Extensive reading, Video assessment--Three Plugins

Content Type: Online Teaching and Course Creation

Language: English

Description of Presentation

This presentation demonstrates three custom plugins developed for second language learners which can be applied to many learning scenarios.

  • Essay (autograde) Question Type
  • Moodle Reader for extensive reading programs
  • Video Assessment for performance recording (self/peer rubrics)

The essay autograde question type is new in the plugins database and it counts words, characters or designated key words to provide a provisional grade. This is useful for quick feedback and extensive journaling/commentary.  Teachers manually override the grade to reward quality or penalize cheating.

The Moodle Reader program tracks book-reading by young readers or ESL readers and includes quizzes for over 5000 graded readers and young adult books.

The Video Assessment module manages video recordings of performances such as presentations, role-play or device operation, and attaches an advanced grading rubric for self, peer, teacher and class assessment.

Added: Friday, 5 May 2017, 10:08 AM
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