Introducing some of our Keynote Presenters

Hideto Harashima



Hideto is a professor of English and Linguistics at Maebashi Institute of Technology in Japan.
He started using Moodle for his lessons as early as 2004. He is a winner of one of Japan e-Learning Awards 2014 for his practice of teaching with Moodle. He is a founding president of Moodle Association of Japan and has presided over the organization for seven years until March, 2017. He has also been serving on the ten-member committee of Moodle Users Association since inauguration.

Andrew Chiu

Hong Kong


I am currently the Educational Technology Coordinator at the American International School, Hong Kong.

I have taught high school computer science, including web design, digital design, programming, 3D environments, robotics. Can talk all day about Moodle, Google Apps For Education (including classroom and Google Apps Scripts), Gibbon, ed tech, LX (learner experience), agile schools, edcamp & PD, project-based learning, startups in schools, virtual exchanges...

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